A Time For Thoughtful Introspection

November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving day has passed, but not the reasons to be thankful. This should be a great time for some thoughtful introspection. Having spent the past few days (or weeks) thinking about being with others, this is a good time to consider what it all means. However, many of us won’t give ourselves that needed time – especially since the media continues to feed the fabricated frenzy of “Black Friday,” shop until you drop now or else, be the first one to get the last deal; blah, blah, blah, lie.

Folks, this is a good time to take a breather, and enjoy the moments; leave a little time for thoughtful introspection, while your waistline drops back to its normal size. Try to focus more on the activities you are partaking in NOW, and what they really mean. Think about the next steps later. This can help you to be more aware of your behaviors and achieving your goals. It will also help you savor the true meaning of the Holiday spirit 🙂


Dashboard Dining

November 25, 2009

This holiday I will be headed down with my family down to Atlanta, GA – via my trusty Pontiac Vibe – to be with my cousin and his family. However, I will not be alone. Approximately 90 percent of all Thanksgiving holiday travel will take place by car. For many of us, road trips are synonymous with fast food drive-thru windows, convenience store snacks, and greasy spoon diners. Here are a few tips for beating these road trip food traps, save your waistline, and maybe a buck or two:

Pack a cooler with ready-to-eat healthy meals. I always pack shakes, a thermos of soup and snacks, such as celery, apples, and low-calorie crunchy snacks. Snack ideas for the kids include single-serve fruit cups or applesauce cups, low-fat granola bars and trail mix made with nuts and dried fruit.
Bring plenty of water – pack water bottles, or keep an insulated water jug in the car. Just think of the money you’ll save when you pack your own grub.

Travelling is never easy for those on a weight-loss plan, as temptations are everywhere. Just be sure to have a healy meal every 2-3 hours and keep up with your water intake. Again, crunchy pre-portioned snacks will certainly help on these occasions.

Whatever you do, enjoy.


Good Health Is Just A Habit

November 24, 2009

A healthy waistline is not created with just diet and exercise, but through simple habits that promote health. It’s the small decisions throughout the day that add up over time.

With that said, during this busy holiday season, good intentions may be forgotten. We remind ourselves of so many less important things, healthy choices are often over-looked or forgotten. So, if forgetting or a tight schedul is your excuse, you might want to think about adding healthy email or post-it reminders into your daily schedule. If you tend to forget about your workout or grab a cookie when hunger strikes, put in a ten minute walk or add in a healthy snack reminder. This can save you upset and give you the joy that comes from living healthier. Remember, make your goals realistic and achievable for best results.

May health and wealth be yours!

What’s Wrong With Making New Year’s Resolutions?

December 13, 2008

So today is my birthday, a day that I tend to contemplate my past years, and those yet to hopefully come. I’ve journaled since I was 15; I’m developing quite a library of the majestic 3 – Me, Myself, and I. This is the place where I’ll reflect, inspect, and ultimately redirect my thoughts and energy. Having put my New Year’s resolutions on paper throughout the years, as well as other goals, has helped me achieve many of them and understand why I haven’t achieved others.

However, the only day of that most of us will do this is New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, announcing that one has made New Year’s resolutions seems to invoke a blahzae attitude in many and hostility in others. “Well I’m not wasting my time making resolutions. I’m just going to live my life. What happens happens,” is a response I’ve heard more than once. However, resolving not to make a resolution is still a resolution.

My question is why is that – why are people scared to set goals for themselves? Study after study proves that those who set goals are far more successful than those who don’t. Yet, surveys still prove that only 3% of the population set goals. Isn’t it odd that 97% of this country’s wealth and power is held by only 3% of the population? It wouldn’t be those same goal-setter’s would it? I love Anthony Robbins comment about if you’re not planning your life, some one else is. I agree with the thought that it is better to set your own goals than to live up (or down) to someone else’s.

With that said, I’ll share some of my birthday goals:

  1. Like so many others, one of my main goal this year is to lose weight, 20 lbs to be exact. As a weight loss advisor, it would behoove me to walk my talk (I love the Chardonnay, and it loves my stomach 😉 However, In 2006 that goal was 80 lbs; in 2007 it was 30 (yep, I’m a work progress).
    2. Pay off all of my credit card debt this year.
    3. Enjoy more quality time with my family; they’re spread across the county.
    4. Be in Hawaii this time next year.

It seems that as my life has grown longer, my list is getting shorter. But isn’t that what we all really want, a happy life?

Black Friday is Coming, Is Your Body Prepared?

November 21, 2008


Ahhh, Black Friday is just days away.  It is becoming known as the day that kicks of holiday shopping.  Having just stuffed ourselves the day before to the point that we couldn’t breath (but yet we managed to eat 3 more desserts), now we wake up before the crack of dawn to begin the joyous task of fighting fellow brethren for the deals that we still won’t be able to pay for a year later and our loved ones won’t appreciate anyway.


Is it a wonder that it is also the beginning of the highest rate of death from heart-attacks, strokes, and various trips to the emergency room?  The term “Black Friday,” is actually coined after the death from a heart-attack.  Unfortunately, the holiday season is also the heart-attack season. The rate of heart attacks increases in November, peaks in December, and starts to taper in mid January. 


What to do?  Give up all of the joyous feasts and festivities? Of course not, life is to be lived and enjoyed. However, keeping your body prepared to handle the over-indulges of the season is the key (and for some, it will be a life saving step).


  1. Don’t wait until after the holidays to control your weight- be mindful of what you eat on a daily basis. Cut your overall calorie count (no, not just carbs) by eating smaller meals through out the day, so you’ll be able to “splurge on specific days.  If you need help, contact me.  I’ll set up a plan that works for you.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated with WATER (not soda, juices or beer).   Most Americans suffer from dehydration to begin with.  Staying hydrated has a nice side-effect of speeding up the metabolism and is a wonderful detoxifier.  At the recent Unleash The Power Within seminar, Anthony Robbins (my hero) promoted the benefits of distilled water, as it attracts impurities and flushes them away.  However, I still drink  bottled spring water from water dispenser.  Try to drink ½ of your body weight in ounces (i.e. if you’re 200lbs, try to drink 100 ounces of water, that’s only 6 bottles).  Make the first thing you ingest in the morning water.  Have a glass of ice water in the bathroom for when you get out of the shower, get dressed, etc. 



  1. Get the rest that you need, whenever you can.  Being over-tired is not only bad for your appearance, but also slows down your metabolism and increases your risk for illness. During these busy and stressful times, it may be hard to sleep soundly. Try catching a quick 15 min. powernap.  break time, lunchtime, after work, or before an event are opportune times to recharge.  Think you can’t do it? Buy yourself a hypnosis tape and pop it in your car, or download it to your Ipod, Palm, or telephone.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll drift off, wake up, and feel refreshed. Though there are lots of sites advertising hypnosis cd’s, dvd’s, etc., I download them (and all of my audio books) from Audible.com.


Implement these strategies, and you’ll get through the holiday season happy, healthier, and maybe even slimmer for the New Year!


Until next time,  Athena